Pasta di Canossa

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1 January 2020
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10 January 2020

Pasta di Canossa

Analysis and Strategy + Social Media

Pasta di Canossa is the leading brand of Pasta Cuniola company, characterized by the production of high quality and km0 handmade pasta.

Starting from a careful analysis of the brand hallmarks, mission, vision and values, we’ve identified the marketing and communication goals related to the presence on social networks of Pasta di Canossa and we’ve set the relevant strategy.

We’ve dealt with the customization and management of the brand Facebook Page through the definition of an editorial plan, the writing of editorial calendars and the scheduling of the relevant posts. We’ve also managed the interactions with followers and created advertising campaigns aimed at promoting page/posts, intercepting, thus, the prospects.
Considering Instagram’s role in the food field, we’ve created the relevant brand profile, studying the strategy and graphic line, defining the editorial calendar and dealing with the scheduling of each post. We’ve created connections with foodbloggers and conceived and developed a contest with a focus on the brand values, aimed at encouraging followers’ engagement.

In order to enhance and make the social profiles effective, we’ve done a photo shooting in the production area.