Analysis and Strategy.

How can we successfully communicate without having built up a strategy beforehand?

Well, that’s basically impossible. 

Therefore, when a client approaches us, first of all we conduct a feasibility study and a market analysis: we study the scenario, in order to offer them a realistic and detailed report of the context, we segment the target, we study the positioning, we make comparative benchmarks. Then, we analyze the resulted data and we present our client an exhaustive market analysis.

Here, the strategy is conceived, as well as the drafting of marketing plans and tailor-made integrated communication,  hereafter our client can reach the desired goals.

Only by identifying the company’s positioning in the target market, its strengths and values, it’s possible to detect the right communication tools to be activated and to define how to develop  them: which Social Network you should use (are you sure Facebook is the right one for your business?), which elements you should enhance in the press releases, who you should address them to and how to schedule them, why you should choose a specific graphic style for the new visual.