Design and Exhibition Stands.

The Stand is a fundamental element of communication, on a par with all the other tools used by the company. It represents the brand’s home during fairs and conferences and therefore it should enhance its style, character and identity, highlighting, at the same time, its strengths.

A company that produces goods has very different needs compared to a brand related to services. The pharmaceutical world is characterised by a very different language compared to the cosmetic or mechanic market.

We deal with the design of tailor-made stands, capable of reflecting the client’s goals, we also take care of the build up stage, the logistics and the required forms. We pay attention to details and we are constantly updated on the latest design trends, in order to guarantee uniqueness in each project.

We know the trade fairs’ field, as well as the conferences’ one, and we  deal with the relevant organizing secretariats and their specific needs.

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